Objavljeno: 17. 04. 2018. , Ažurirano: 19. 04. 2018.

The third edition of Karlovac County project catalogue was created in order to provide, to future investors,foreign and domestic, the best possible information concerning available business zones as well as projects that are being planned inside our community, offering various forms of partnership.

Karlovac County is industrial region that has developed industrial tradition accompanied by adequate educational system and is attractive to all categories of investors. It is described in details in the guide „Karlovac County – Your business partner“ which is created by Croatian Chamber of Economy – Karlovac County Chamber and is being developed simultaneously with this Catalogue.

On the other side, the possibility of easier project partner searching and better support of the community are being offered to catalogue project bearers.

All of the projects presented are a part of Central Electronic Investment projects of Karlovac County Database and are fitted in County Development Strategy, what will alleviate their application for national and EU fund grants.

Projects structure in the beginning of this Catalogue shows positive quantitative and qualitative shift in regards to first edition. 249,41 ha of free land in business zones is available for investments, 95 projects of local self-government and entrepreneurs of overall value of over 2.885.474.868,09 HRK are presented. Considering that projects are from various sectors, we hope to attract partners’ interests.

Karlovac County entrepreneurs are able to locate potentially interesting prospective business activities from this catalogue and prepare themselves for participation in advance.

Lunges we have from recently finished Aquatika – Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac project, but others also, speak in that favour.

It is obvious that entrepreneurs and local self-government cannot finance such value itself, so the speed and quality of seeking partners, which we do not doubt, will provide the answer to how fast and in what quality will we improve the life of our community, including through addressing the pressing problem of unemployment which is also an additional motive.

The Catalogue will also be available in electronic form, on our institutions’ web sites and systematically updated in cooperation with our partners in order to continuously promote our projects in public.