Objavljeno: 17. 04. 2018. , Ažurirano: 18. 04. 2018.

The newest edition of Karlovac County – Your Business Partner guide has been made for potential domestic and foreign investors, entrepreneurs and everyone in contact with potential investors.

The idea of this Guide is to provide information on possibilities and terms of investment as well as incentive measures for investors on one side and to present Karlovac county and its business entities in form of quality partners for realization of joint entrepreneurial projects on the other side.

The Guide consists of several units. One can find basic data on Karlovac county such as location, cities, population and economic profile of the county, i.e. the structure of economic activities, economic indicator of business activity, the structure of export, the most significant export products etc.

One can also find the overview of legal framework of investment incentives as well as location competitiveness of Karlovac county where potential investor can find relevant information on terms, expenses and benefits of business activity within our region, all the way from staff costs, electricity prices, municipal fees and contribution, municipal infrastructure connection to state and regional taxes and contributions.

Within the Chapter Supply and Demand of Goods and Services of Karlovac County Economy 205 companies and their products and 15 entrepreneurial zones of Karlovac county are presented.