Basic data on the CCE Mediation Centre


The aim of the Mediation Centre is to organize and administer the mediation proceedings on private law disputes. The Centre was established in July 2002 – its structure and activities are regulated by the Mediation Rules (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia, No. 142/2011), in accordance with the Law on Mediation (Off. Gaz. No. 18/2011).

The bodies of the Mediation Centre are the President and the Secretary.
The President of the Centre is Professor dr. sc. Jasna Omejec, and the Secretary, Ms Mirjana Košec, B. Sc. Econ.


Mediation Centre at the Croatian Chamber of Economy
Rooseveltov trg 2
HR-10000 Zagreb ( CROATIA )
Phone: +385 (0)1 4848-622, 4848-623
Fax: +385 (0)1 4848-625
Letters, documents, e-mails and inquiries should be sent or made on the above-mentioned addresses.
The office of the Mediation Centre and its premises for mediation meetings are located in Rooseveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb.

The mediation proceedings can be instituted not only before the Mediation Centre but also before any Regional mediation centre. The data on these centres are listed below.


The mediation proceedings are conducted under the rules agreed by the parties and in the framework of the above-mentioned Law on Mediation and the Mediation Rules. The Centre recommends to the parties to use the standard Mediation Agreement.

In matters not expressly provided for in the parties’ agreement, the Rules of Mediation (Off. Gaz. No. 142/2011) and stringent rules of the Law on Mediation shall apply.

Mediation costs are based on the Decision on Costs in Mediation Proceedings (Off. Gaz. No. 142/2011).  

Listed below are links to useful documents:

Request for mediation

Mediation agreement

List of mediators (Off. Gaz. No. 34/2010; 48/2011; 155/2013)

Law on Mediation  (Off. Gaz. No. 18/2011)

Rules of Mediation (Off. Gaz. No. 142/2011)

Decision on Costs in Mediation Proceedings (Off. Gaz. No. 142/2011)

Recommended Mediation Clauses of the Mediation Centre at the Croatian Chamber of Economy

Regional centres

The Croatian Chamber of Economy has established several Regional Mediation Centres. They are integral parts of the following County Chambers of the Croatian Chamber of Economy:

Koprivnica County Chamber
Josipa Vargovića 1/1, 48000 Koprivnica, Phone: 048/622-816, Fax: 048/622-818

Osijek County Chamber
Europska avenija 13, 31000 Osijek, Phone: 031/223-800, Fax: 031/223-824

Pula County Chamber
Carrarina 5, 52100 Pula, Phone: 052/378-100, Fax: 052/211-875

Rijeka County Chamber
Bulevar oslobođenja 23, 51000 Rijeka, Phone: 051/209-111, Fax: 051/216-033

Split County Chamber
Obala A. Trumbića 4, 21000 Split, Phone: 021/321, Fax: 021/346-956

Varaždin County Chamber
P. Preradovića 17, 42000 Varaždin, Phone: 042/405-400, Fax: 042/405-401

The parties can institute, as it has been stated above, the mediation proceedings before any of the above-mentioned Regional mediation centre.